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Technology for road safety

Imagination and inventiveness are the basis of the great progress of human beings and their societies. Thanks to them, the wheel was conceived and millennia later, the car. Even the sun today, are still developing many advances in the automotive industry to improve the performance and power of the cars, to increase the experience of driving a vehicle and also to ensure the safety of its passengers.

The well known Samsung, which has little to do with the automotive world, has just introduced a prototype system that aims to substantially improve road safety. In many media we have spoken of this new invention that deserves our applause: the “Safety Truck”.
The idea is brilliant and rather simple. In Argentina, as in Colombia and in other countries where motorways double and triple carriageway are only dreams they are the usual two-way roads where live motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. Overshoot of the latter is a dangerous maneuver, as visibility is dramatically reduced by the colossal size of most trailers. If to this is added the huge amount of curves of our mountain roads, the result is a highly detrimental to road safety cocktail.

The company Samsung has a large fleet of trucks loaded with smartphones, televisions and high-tech appliances. At the front of some of these heavy cargo vehicles a wireless camera that transmits live what is happening in front of the truck was installed. The image is displayed in real time on the back of the trailer, on four giant screens liquid crystal, ie, flat and high definition. These monitors are specially designed for outdoor use, why the glitz and excess light should not prevent good visibility.


Car drivers moving behind large trucks can then be aware of what is happening in front of these large mobile structures and to calculate accurately and safely the ideal time to advance them. Thanks to this ingenious invention, not in vain is also known as “Transparent Truck”, drivers who are behind the trucks can provide emergency braking and obstacles on the road that would otherwise be invisible.

The prototype camera Samsung also has a night vision system that enables seamless operation of both day and night in this new technology.

Although the operation of prototype Samsung has been defended and approved by the South Korean multinational, the product has not yet been commercialized. It appears that transport companies have not yet managed to make profitable the installation of these monitors on trucks.

These rear displays should not be used for a different display than the images integrated in the front of the truck for obvious security reasons transmitted end camera. The idea of the device is not to create a distraction that can end up causing an accident, and transmit different information, such as commercial information, could be counterproductive – but economically interesting, but it is not.

The “Safety Truck” Samsung is an innovation that does not aim to change lives, but to save them.

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