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Keep your eyes on the road, from Volkswagen

From there the car causes a traffic accident were always multiple. It can be a combination of alcohol, drugs and driving, inappropriate speed for road and traffic, poor condition of the vehicle, etc. However, until recently distracted driving was not taken into account when it would be one of the determining factors in increasing accidents factors.

In Europe, where mobile phone use is prohibited driving, it is too common to see people talking on the phone or typing a message on mobile. In other countries, the proportion of drivers responding to a driving WhatsApp or other message reaches alarming levels. Hence Volkswagen conduct a road safety announcement pioneer and disseminated in a Hong Kong film. No untangle the ad, you’ll see after the jump, but it is very well thought out. And as always in the most effective ads, part of a very simple idea.

I can now say. If you do not shut down or put the mobile in silent cinema, of course they will use driving …

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