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Learn how to park in parallel with your car

Maneuvering has its logic correctly, learn it.

Parallel parking is a maneuver that tests our skills with the vehicle, while it is a fundamental part to pass the driving test in many countries (should be in Mexico). This is not in vain because any driver will face frequently with this practice, which although not enough, has its science.

The following infographic describes how to park properly in 4 simple steps, using references that may not know. If you get well and have space car park in podráss just two maneuvers:

1) Activate the directional and stand next to the car in front of where you want to park. Align your rear axle where the trunk of the other car and turn around the wheel ends.

2) Select reverse until the middle of your inner wheel is aligned with the outer edge of the car you’re ahead. When you get to that point, straighten the steering wheel and continues to decline.

3) If your front wheel reaches the same point, turn around the steering wheel to the other side.

4) If all goes as planned, you’ll be perfectly parked. Get down, admire your work and presúmela with everyone.

If even with this technique you can park properly, you may want to buy this car.

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